Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare
Rick Dildine
Shakespeare Festival St. Louis
Scenic Designer: Scott Neale
Costume Designer: Dorothy Marshall Englis
Lighting Designer: John Wylie
Photos by J. David Levy
“Production values are topnotch. Scott Bradley’s scenic design, Dorothy Marshall Englis’s costumes and Ron Todorowski’s choreography go a long way toward evoking a world in which keeping up appearances was no small matter. A world not unlike our own.”

—Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Dorothy Marshall Englis outfits the cast in lovely period attire that reflects individual personality…”

—Tina Farmer, KDHX

“…the characters are handsomely dressed in Dorothy Marshall Englis’ refined costuming.”

—Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“Any time you are going to see a period piece, the costumes are characters unto themselves. Dorothy Marshall’s designs are stunning, and especially mesmerizing to watch during the party and dance scenes.”

—Kevin Brackett, ReviewSTL

“Costume designer Dorothy Marshall Englis decks out the Bennet sisters in high-waisted pastel frocks, cleverly accented with jackets and pinafores for variety. Frankly, Regency fashions for women and men were more flattering than the doughy Victorian styles that followed, and Englis makes the most of the opportunity this large cast affords.”

—Judith Newmark, Act II

“…colorful, meticulously detailed period costumes by Dorothy Marshall Englis.”

—Michelle Kenyon (“Snoop”), Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts


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