by J.T. Rogers
Steven Woolf
Repertory Theatre of St. Louis
Scenic Designer: Michael Ganio
Costume Designer: Dorothy Marshall Englis
Lighting Designer: Rob Denton
Projection Designer: Nathan W. Scheuer
Photos by Jon Gitchoff

“Careful attention to small details, gestures and accents, as well as an appropriately unobtrusive set, costumes and technical design, ensure the characters are distinct while clearly moving the story forward.”

—Tina Farmer, KDHX

“Dorothy Marshall Englis’ costumes bring humorous touches to a pair of Norwegian servants and later some wandering tourists as well as the sharply tailored suits and other attire favored by the PLO negotiators and the upper-echelon Israelis, while the academics sport a frumpy, disheveled look.”

—Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“Any time you are going to see a period piece, the costumes are characters unto themselves. Dorothy Marshall’s designs are stunning, and especially mesmerizing to watch during the party and dance scenes.”

—Kevin Brackett, ReviewSTL

“Dorothy Marshall Englis has done the costumes for over 90 Rep productions, and for Oslo she brings her best game.”

—Connie Bollinger, St. Louis Limelight

“…excellent costumes by Dorothy Marshal Inglis…”

—Michelle Kenyon (“Snoop”), Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts

“I muttered for a while about Dorothy Marshall Englis’ choice to use ties on all the Israeli government officials, but by this period in time, except for highly formal occasions, at least half the members of the Knesset appear to have worn them, a change from the original tradition.”

—Joe and Ann Pollack, St. Louis Eats and Drinks


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